• You should bring a sleeping bag?

Yes, or sheets, quilts etc ... There we put the bed covers and pillow. Have blankets in the house.


  • We can choose the menus?

Yes, just that we agree on a list of possibilities.


  • We can bring drinks and snacks?

Yes, have a fridge, freezer, microwave ...


  • Getting Can Freu?

The simplest is to go Vilobí Onyar same and once there just follow the signs Can Freu, will arrive in 5 minutes.


  • We will be alone in the house?

If you are at least 30 people you will be alone. Otherwise might share the house with another group. Always try to have common interests.


  • We have a pool?

No problems during the day, is always open. Have a key to close it if you come with children.


  • There are easy walks around the house?

Yes, they are marked, and ask us already.


  • We have T.V.?

Yes DTT also have DVD.


  • We arrived by bus?

Yes, the road is flat and in good condition. We can offer our bus services. Ask us prices.